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Kitten therapy

Hey folks! Rather sooner than I was expecting I have become the happy owner of a three month old black and white boy kitten.

As far as I knew I was going to ‘view’ him, at Beaumont Animal Hospital in Camden. If it was a yes the RSPCA lady told me to phone her and she would deliver him to my house.

But once we had been introduced the Veterinary Nurse was quite happy for me to take him away there and then. They even supplied me with a free carrying basket!

Of course it makes sense…There are always fewer good, loving homes than there are cats that need them and I guess they wanted to ‘strike while the iron was hot’.

Even the amount of my donation was left up to me, so I gave them half of the ‘minimum’ specified on their info sheet…fifty pounds. Well, I’m on benefits and as it is Kitty Junior will be costing me a fair bit in food, vets bills etc.

Plus I had to get a cab home with Kitty, as I didn’t want to subject us both to the trauma of a bus ride! As it was he mewed most of the way home.

And when we got back I put him in the lounge, put hard and soft food out, and a water bowl, found the old cat litter and a tray to put it in, made a makeshift ‘bed’ for him out of a cardboard box which he has ignored so far, and found a few toys.

And at first he leapt all over the place, full of fun and curiosity. He’s such a character! When I left him to go eat dinner and mow the lawn he had clearly been busy as he had knocked down my Buddhist shrine (little iconoclast!) and was fast asleep in the tiniest, darkest and safest corner he could find. Bless!

Ah well. I promise not to let this blog turn into ‘Pet’s Corner’. I have never been impulsive about animals because I have a big sense of responsibility about them, but just lately I have been more and more irresistibly drawn to the idea of a kitten.

Part of it is as simple as this: I am a sad and lonely woman! What can I say? I have a need for comfort and companionship coupled with a definite difficulty in reaching out to (human) others. Also, I want and need to nurture something. My nest is prematurely empty…apart from my female cat, Amber, who is twelve and quite independent.

Anyway, only time will tell if it all works out…much depends on Amber accepting her new housemate. For the time being I keep them apart, and let them sniff each others’ presence before they have to actually meet and get accustomed.

OK let’s try an emoticon 🙂 Take care all and thanks for reading…


Comments on: "Kitten therapy" (7)

  1. Kitten therapy is the best! Just apply kitten to affected area and re-lax. They also give a cracking massage (if you can persuade them to keep their claws in.)

  2. and the kitten will become a kitty and love you for 15 years or more…. my cats bring me much joy. Looks like yours will you too :).

  3. I add: we will all want to see photos of the wee kitten 🙂 .

  4. Ohh a kitten. I love having my cat (Beta) on my lap and one of my sisters cats (Alpha or george) on my feet when I am not feeling great. Actually they are meant to be good fro mental health or something, thats why my local mental health unit got a cat, but it has no tail just an inch long moving stump that is rather freaky. X

  5. Oh, I want to see a photo!
    Even though you are not goig to turn this blog into Pets Corner 😉

    Yes, you need comfort and companionship, most of us do. And you are still sad and lonely right now. But don’t say it so disparagingly! You have a right to feel that way.

    Many of us have trouble reaching out to human others, so I do know what you are saying here. But you’ll get there again.
    And here comes a cliche… just go with the flow and don’t beat yourself up about it (ok, I guess that was 2 cliches…)

    So I hope Kitten brings a little bit of warmth into your life (and into Amber’s life too…)
    (Love the iconoclast joke by the way).

    And you take care
    and yeah, you got it right with the smiley 🙂

  6. And it’s strange, but smileys are taking over my posts now…
    I only put two smileys in that comment (beginning and end), but now there are 4 and in a couple of strange places too.

  7. beetrootsoup said:

    Hi folks and thank you all so much for your lovely comments. Life has been such a struggle recently that blogging has been on the back burner over the last week. La, your comment made me laugh! Apply kitten to affected area!

    Dee Dee, photos are definitely on the way…only problem is getting him to sit still long enough for a photo-opp.

    Coloured Mind, yes I think that pets have even been shown to lower blood pressure and have other beneficial physiological effects too.

    Zania, thank you for your kind and compassionate understanding. I guess there is a certain shame attached to admitting loneliness, but I agree with you that the need for companionship is a basic human need and perfectly legitimate.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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