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Quick update…

Hi there. I know, it’s been ages. I just seemed to need a bit of a break from blogging. Maybe you know how it is. There’s not much point in writing if the inspiration isn’t there. That would be boring for both of us.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of user consultation work, connected to a local service user organisation. On the one hand I feel quite confident in the quality of the work I am doing. On the other, I am having some difficulties with the politics (small p) surrounding this organisation, the way it was set up, its history and the way it operates.

I feel in a difficult position as a result. What it amounts to is that unlike most other London boroughs, mental health service users in Haringey do not have a dedicated service user led and run organisation to look out for their interests and to make sure that we are adequately represented in decision making about our own services. It’s bloody annoying, can I just be honest?

A friend of mine is of the opinion we have simply been stitched up by the mental health powers that be. One thing I am sure about is that the current situation is untenable, as the coordinators of the organisation are not service users and seem unsure themselves as to what the function of this organisation really is.

Well there’s other stuff. I have been defrauded on an Abbey cash machine to the tune of ‘a ton of money’ and getting the Abbey to wake up and deal with it adequately is a job in itself. I intend getting my money back (even if I have to take them to court) and then switching banks and I would advise any of you still with them to do the same. Their customer service is diabolical and I have found out that consumer surveys find them to be the worst bank in Britain.

Veggies have been growing magnificently in the garden!  Plue I have been teaching myself vegan Japanese cuisine using recipes on the internet, and frequenting a local Japanese grocers. My avocado sushi rolls are something else! The first time around I made a complete hash of it but I persisted and now am quite competent, although I got mirin confused with rice vinegar so still have a way to go with the ingredients. Have to say I have NEVER been in a Japanese restaurant in my life as I didn’t think they were all that vegan friendly…also shop-bought sushi can be pretty tasteless and disappointing, at least the veggie variety. I’ve been using brown sushi rice for extra nutritional value and I think it works well…

Cats both in fine fettle and meow out a hearty hello to you all…Lots of love, Zoe. xxx