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Stop Griping Zoe and Get a Grip!

Hi loyal and gentle readers. Latest episode in the M n’ Z saga is we’re moving out of the neighbourhood, where we have already caused quite enough commotion with our antics.

We want a flat in Finsbury Park, so please contact us if you know the where why and when.

For the time being we’re staying in a hotel. It gives us more of a feeling of freedom and having a space that is ours alone.

I’m up the duff … it’s now officially sanctioned by the GP.

We’re gonna get married. We’re happy. We need each other. We work well together. Or so he tells me…

I found my perfect soul mate. At last. Be happy for me folks! Lots of love, a very loved up Zoe XXX


Rags to Riches…

M and I are an irresistible combination. I just don’t know who could stand against us when we’re on a full joint charm offensive (or ‘good cop bad cop’).

We’re also a good comedy double act. We certainly crack each other up anyways…

So what’s this ‘riches’ business Zoe I hear you politely enquire?

Just a feelin’ folks really, just a feelin’…Money is an idea in the head.

M and I are progressing day by day. He’s a fast learner. His timing’s improving. We are learning to sleep together without squabbling. He’s having less grumpy turns. We’re both way happier.

We’re working on a baby. Way I feel today we might have already been successful in that venture…

Listenin’ to P Diddy ‘Forever’. I’ve got a guy who loves hip hop almost as much as I do. But he’s got a slushy romantic side which is pretty cute, if extremely uncool.

We drift from one of our places via the streets to the other one’s place. Which gives all of our neighbours a much-needed break from the commotion we tend to cause.

What can I say folks? I’m so happy. My Prince Charming came for me. And this one ain’t no flash in the pan.

Coolest thing about it. He’s as mental as me, and suffered incarceration for years. We met on the local scene. Chased crack together for a few weeks back in 2007.

Real niggas do real things.

Hanging’ with the bitches is the song I sing…

Love is love is love.