When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…


Hi folks. How to explain to you what a momentous day this is for me without coming across as either mad or high as a kite?

My son J is home with me as we speak. He’s been placed in a new (to him) care home locally, even closer to me geographically than the last one was.

He stayed the night last night. He’s X-Boxing away for hours in his room already. Showing no genuine interest in going for any drug-smoking or petty crime sessions with his cohorts from the last care home.

Um. Sometimes less is more and I have to say I’m still adjusting mentally to a feeling that the long nightmare of his time in care may soon be coming to an end…

He’s fifteen and a half now and can vote with his feet, and most of the professionals ‘caring’ for him realise this…

Miracle Two. My beloved partner M hasn’t decamped. He may sleep over at his place from now on but he’s still very much here with me.

C’mon. Is this amazing news worth a comment or two? I know, I’m cheeky. Thanks for reading folks. Lots love, Zoe X


Comments on: "Woah!" (4)

  1. Great news! x

  2. yeay!!!!!!! Fantastic news!!!!

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