When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Black on Black Violence

Hi folks. Those of you who have spotted that title may have clicked on this blog avidly hoping for some kind of political treatise.

Sorry to disappoint.

I’m under pressure of a recent site stats hike to blog a bit more in the probably forlorn hope that anyone will be remotely interested in what a paid up codependent and manic depressive has to say…

Seriously now. I know, I know it’s serious (The Smiths: Girlfriend in a Coma).

I’m a born teacher. That’s what I do and I’m a 24/7 teacher, fully committed to my profession. I was born to critique my students’ stories and give them a red or gold star by way of encouraging them.

The best stars of all are silver. We all know that.

I’m an artist too. I know my way around colour and design.

You now can discern gentle reader from my bombastic tone that I am a little on the manic side.

I like stars, I like black, but I still spend most of my nights sleeping.

Writing this is an effort. I’m desperately weary and tired and overwhelmed. I’m painfully vulnerable. I’m going through yet another of the ever more frequent spiritual emergencies that have been my lot now for more than half of my life.

My son is home. The Prodigal Son is returned. I share my living space with not one but two of the species. What will become of me?

Nothing bad because we’re all being watched and there is more than one angel floating around this house (Kirsty McColl)

Be assured tho’ that I love my gentle readers and faithful following gratefully and devotedly. You are each and every one important to me folks.

Lots love Zoe XXX


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