When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Am I Still Ill?

It’s just occurred to me that my chosen blog title carries with it many potential layers of meaning.

I could be saying to the psychs etc who told me I’d never amount to anything blah, yah boo sucks to you, I’m not even faintly ill, you’re more ill than I am, look how well I write!

I could be asking God a very pertinent question since the ability to overcome the ravages of this terrible affliction is the one basic drive that has motivated me over these many years, more than half my life since I was properly diagnosed.

I could just be finding a reason to quote The Smiths, probably my favourite band of all time.

I could be asking you, gentle reader to judge for yourself whether I am actually mad or not…

I could be asking myself the exact same question…

Asking a question in your blog title implies that you will be mainly occupied by the need for answers…

I could be playing on the word ill, because in younger people’s parlance, to talk about someone being a sick or ill rapper etc is actually a compliment!

So although I wasn’t 100% sure about the title when I first put it up, I have kind of grown into it and it’s grown with me…

Love you folks. Zoe XXX


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