When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Aw bless!

It’s ten past six in the morning and M is busy. He’s just given the kitchen a deep clean that was long overdue and now he’s set to with the hoover. I love to watch a man clean!

I’ve really become a bit of a slut, house-wise. Maybe it’s the effect of having a willing pair of hands like his around. Or maybe it’s that I never wear my contact lenses any more, and rarely put on my glasses even. Ignorance is bliss and the ostrich can’t see the dirt so it doesn’t bother them.

His eyesight is good and he is an excellent housekeeper. I slip him a tenner or so when he’s particularly active like now, I think that’s only fair and it saves me hiring a cleaner…

I had my hair cut and I like it. A big improvement and now the weather’s hotting up again it feels cooler with less of it.

Since he’s been back we’ve got along famously and his conpany has been delightful.

My peer support group (drugs and alcohol) are going on a trip today down to the cable cars near the O2 Arena. I’d quite like to go, and my cough is a bit better so maybe I actually will. Yesterday I skipped DRA and went with M to Trent Park. It’s a massive country park in Enfield. He’s grown to love it almost as much as me. I love to share nature with a partner. We sat in our favourite spot down by the lake near the University (where I used to study) and watched the play of the ripples and light on the leaves above us. It looked a bit like fire and M was completely fascinated by it, thinking it a sign from God! Aw, bless.

I’m always much happier when things are going well with him and me.

Lots love folks, and enjoy this taste of summer (if you’re British).




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