When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Paint it White

He now announces he’s going to start the (much needed) redecorating of the house tomorrow! He’s been revving up to do this for some time. I’m the one who was reluctant, cos I hate the thought of the mess and disruption.

But then again folks, I love to watch my man work. I really do. And if that makes me sexist, I could give a f***!

The council promised me £375 if I got it done and they come round to inspect it, about a year ago. I’m worried I’ve waited too long, and the offer might not be open anymore. But what the hell, I’ve got the money to do it, at least for the moment. Why not take the plunge since I’ve got a willing worker in house.

Slept slightly better last night than of late, but still woke up at 3am. I’m definitely buzzing, and I have to say I put it down (ironically) to the new mood stabiliser I’m on, lamotrigine (Lamictal). It, in combination with the antidepressant Citalopram, did this to me last time I tried it. But I have to say it makes me feel fantastic… Provided I can keep my high spirits within certain parameters, it should be OK. If things deteriorate further I will go see my psych and get his advice on whether I should stop the antidepressant, or the Lamictal, or even both…

So my Baby and I are off to B and Q (DIY store) to buy a longish list of necessary equipment to start the job tomorrow.

What fun.

Lots love, Zxxx


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