When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

 a superb post by Jen

I just want to flag up this post by Jen Daisybee, who has commented here and whose blog I have been reading today for the first time – I’m loving it. I seem to have forgotten how to post links as part of my text so apologies for that, but I really wanted to share this with you. It is useful reading for those of us who have at some point in their lives encountered a negative person (so all of us then…) and maybe even those, like me, who occasionally fall into some of these traits: yes, I plead guilty!

I recently had to dump a friend who continually dumped on me. Enough was enough, I felt. Ex-partner M also springs to mind. Not to mention many of the posters on The Suicide Project. I feel like spending less time there of late, and more time reading other people’s blogs…such as the delightful Jen’s. Saying ‘no’ to suicide and choosing to live, with or without a serious mental illness.

Zoe x


Comments on: "Dealing with Negative People" (2)

  1. Loved her post – made me laugh at my own self-pity. Thanks for the link!

    • Hi ‘Meg’. Nice to see you here (I know who you really are!)I’m glad you enjoyed it: I too spotted some of my own patterns in the list. I thought Jen really nailed it…her Mum sounds like a nightmare, lol.xx

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