When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Thank God it’s Monday

I didn’t even get out of the house yesterday. My cold sapped my energy even more than normal. I survived my Sunday blues though…did some cooking and baking and read and commented on Jen’s blog which I found interesting and instructive. A close friend who’s also in the throes of a break-up with her boyfriend of 8 years texted back and forth with me throughout the day, which also helped. We’re helping each other stay strong. M returned like a bad penny around teatime. I spent another night on the sofa, lol!

Thank God it’s Monday. I’m off to get my depot this morning and try to talk to M’s care coordinator. Then hopefully I’ll have the energy to get my ass down to DRA in central London. I definitely need to offload some of my concerns in the presence of some real-life people. And get a reality check from hearing what’s going on with them.

I’ll update later. I’m hoping the news will be brighter, and I’ll feel a bit lighter.

Zoe x



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  1. Hello

    My name is Lyubomir and I am really sorry for writing this letter which has nothing in common with your post(sorry for my english 😦 .I am writing you about Jasper(not your son),the boy that wanted to kill himself.His last post was on the 7th of August and you were the only person,who commented it.
    We used to be friends before.We tried to help each other,but in the end I made a stupid decision and left him alone with his problems 😦 After a few months I defeated my depression and now I feel normal again.Today I remembered my old fellow and I decided to see how he is doing,After seing his last posts I wanted to jump from the window next to me.I really need to talk to him,cause I can help him,but we live in different countries,in different continents in fact and there is 5 hours change in our time zones.So I can hardly see him in skype.I wanted to ask you,if you can talk to him and tell him these things.PLEASE you’re my last hope,I can help him,he deserves it.Please write me if you can do something about it.
    My email is hazeman@abv.bg and my skype is hazeman12. Thank you for your attention!

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