When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

The Alone Zone

Hello honey. I’m ho-ome.

Of course there no longer is a honey at home, or even a f*****g bastard who I’m better off without!

The theatre group was excellent. It’s just what I need on Saturdays to help me through what could be a long and lonely weekend otherwise. It’s really sociable, as I am already friendly with nearly everyone there. I felt very much at ease, just slightly apprehensive at taking myself, once again, out of my comfort zone to devise and create a performance with a group. It’s exciting though. And came just at the right time. Someone is watching over me.

Since he’s been gone I have resumed an interest in keeping the place reasonably clean and tidy, cooking myself a variety of delicious, healthy and delicately prepared meals, and blogging, texting and now tweeting regularly so as to feel connected. My trusty Radio 4 is on in the background most of the time!

Loneliness was tough/the toughest role you ever played/Hollywood created a superstar/and pain was the price you paid…

Well I’m no superstar, no Marilyn Monroe, but loneliness is certainly tough. As I’ve said before…we are not designed to live alone.

In time I will find a new love I daresay. But in the meantime, I will remain as happy, content and connected as I can. Not for me Marilyn’s tragic end. I choose to live.


Comments on: "The Alone Zone" (2)

  1. Another thing we have in common Zoe. I love radio 4 too. 🙂
    It sounds like you’re doing some positive, proactive stuff. No doubt love will saunter back into your life. Perhaps you’ll learn to love life without a bloke though.

    ( cant say i do but you never know haha)

    • Thanks littlesparrow. I guess I’m not really ready for a new relationship. Maybe I never will be, sigh! Nah, that’s bollocks. Do you actively look for love? I definitely need to have a good crack at being single first, but my word, it does feel lonely.xx

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