When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Yes, peeps, I took the plunge and signed up with a site – Match.com if you must know!

It’s all quite exciting, and provides me with a nice distraction. But you have to be able to take rejection, and one guy said he didn’t think we’d make a good match! Well, I didn’t really, either…he was too short, shorter than me, and he wanted someone ‘slender’, lol!

Anyway, I’ve long thought that I needed to get over myself, and be prepared to face rejection in my quest for true love! I also need to learn how to flirt…

You can learn a lot from online dating. It makes you think about what you want in a man, or woman. Well, previously I’ve lost interest after the initial novelty wore off. Hopefully I’ll exercise a bit more persistence this time around – if only to get my money’s worth!

Today I went to DRA, where I was leading the meeting today. It was nice to feel needed, and though the meeting was small it was a good one.

Enough for now peeps.

Zoe x


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