When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Greetings from Enfield

I came up here for sentimental reasons, and am blogging from my Smartphone, so I’m not sure if it will work. M’s court case was today and I wasn’t able to find out what happened to him. I hope to God they aren’t going to leave him to rot in Pentonville.

I was becoming stir crazy at home on my own so I got the bus up to Enfield where M and I used to spend a lot of time back in the day. I know, I’m sentimental as hell. I know he screwed me over and I’m much better off without him in every possible way. What can I say folks! Loneliness can really mess with your head.

Z x




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  1. Having bus rides and walking is a good cheap way of going around. I find it very cathartic. Why not take your music on your phone and go off and have a good wander about town? Theres plenty of off the track places to go – explore! Don’t feel lonely either xx

    • Hi Bob. I’m scared all the time. Other people constantly remind me of my own deficits. They’re living their lives. I am only just surviving mine. Does that answer your question?

      But thanks for the suggestion. I hardly ever listen to music, except when I’m manic. I know it’s sad, but I’ve got to be honest.


  2. Bristol Michael said:

    Golders Green on Sunday is pretty lively (or was, last time I was there). I recall the shop that sold hot salt beef sandwiches with uncontrolled drooling! Not forgetting the gefilte fish, oh yum!! 😉

    • Haha Michael, I’m a vegetarian. But thanks for the heads up about Golders Green. I need all the ideas i can get. Sometimes a sense of ‘place’ – revisiting familiar places – is all that gets me by. I can get in touch with good, safe feelings spent there in the past. Sad, I know.

      And thanks for reading. Z x

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