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Update on My Boy

Forgot to mention in my last post, things with J are somewhat better.

He managed to basically find himself a new foster home. He basically went there for respite care for a week and hit it off with the family and especially the foster mum herself, and continued to visit daily and take their dog out after he returned to the original foster home.

He had a ding-dong battle with the foster carer where he was living…maybe you remember, the one who I thought was sensible and down to earth and believed in tough love. Well she turns out to have been a bit of a b**** to him actually. I think retrospectively she just had no expectations of him simply because he was a foster child. She didn’t seem to see him as an individual. When I spoke to her on the phone, she never had anything new or interesting to say about him. Like it was very much a job to her.

Well anyway he asked to move to the one he got along with, and she agreed and it was all sorted, thanks to the Social Services for that. That was over a year ago. He’s still there, 18 years old now so technically no longer in foster care, but she does get an allowance for him.

They’re all currently on holiday in Tenerife.

I love my boy. And the foster mum seems to love him too. They did have a bit of a barney a week ago, but it was all sorted. She’s really fond of him. He still refuses to get a job, go on benefits or go to college. Actually he said he would go to college and has enrolled for GCSE English, but I almost don’t count that as it’s one two-hour class per week. I’m not best pleased about that, but he does take the dog out every day and socialise with the family. He’s definitely happier there than with the previous one, no question.

I hope he’s able to enjoy Tenerife. They went for the first time last year and he loved it, I hope it does him good.

So there’s your update.



Comments on: "Update on My Boy" (2)

  1. Hi Zoe. Glad to see you and J are ok. I’d wondered where you’d got to. Sir Bob x

    • Oh Sir Bob, you’re still there, thank you so much for responding! It makes all the difference to know someone is reading. Hope you too are doing OK and thanks again!

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