When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Hello Bastards

Hehe, not quite my usual style of title is it folks?

But it sums up the mood I’m in pretty well.

I hardly have any fecking views on this blog anymore. I don’t honestly know why I bother!

I’m manic, yeah.

I slept for five hours. Check.

I’m eating cheesecake and banoffee pie. Check.

I’m having conversations in my head with an imaginary friend. Check.

But am I flagrantly off the wall or wandering the streets getting into scrapes?

Nope. I’m older and wiser now.

I’ve got this illness. It doesn’t have me.

Oh and can anyone give me a quick tutorial on Android phones?

I’m the proud owner of a brand new Motorola Moto G, but I don’t know how the feck to use it.

Gotta transfer my contacts from my old phone to my new one. Any tips?

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Love you guys.


Comments on: "Hello Bastards" (3)

  1. Hi
    Sorry, I appreciate sometimes my responses are a bit short – blame the tiredness at the end of a long days work and the commute home! Don’t get despondent about the lack of hits, remember, you’ve been away quite a while in blogging terms -you need to build back up the audience.

    I meet plenty of bastards day-to-day…but enough about my fellow commuters 🙂 and who hasn’t had imaginary conversations with yourself. Try not to worry too much. Just be aware there are people on here who care and I know I care.

    Regarding the mobile transfer – it depends on what sort of phone you’ve got, I think you said once it was a Nokia – so you might find this of use below. Another possible way would be to set up your gmail account on the old phone and see if the contacts get sucked out into your gmail account, they did on mine. Anyway try this first


    Take care x

    • Hey thanks Sir Bob! It’s always so uplifting to get your faithful comments here! And bless you for trying to help me out with the phone thing! I am going to deliberately ‘lose’ quite a few of my contacts from the old phone actually. There’s far too many that I can barely remember who they are!

      So I will probably end up doing it manually. A task for another thrilling day lol.

  2. Your blog doesn’t appear as before, Zoe, when googled…this will explain the lack of hits…an empty page appears so I thought for ages that you’d deleted the whole thing. Anyway, quite by chance, I realised that this was not the case (yesterday) because some entries appeared via. my old email address…so hurrah and hello again ! 🙂

    I have no idea how to sort out this technical block but the blank page one needs to be deleted, probably, for this one to appear via. google (as before).

    ‘bye for now, Katy

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