When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

I’ve Said Enough.

Don’t wanna talk no more. Got feck all to say.

M and I went to Camden today. I was dancing and singing on the tube and that. As you do.

Got a new IPod Nano. The old Shuffle had died on me and besides, I needed more control over what I’m listening to.

When I’m with M the rest of the world mercifully recedes, but as previously noted on this blog when he was in my life before, he’s a bit like a drug. When we have to say goodbye and he goes back to his incarceration in a forensic mental health unit (yes, this is how they treat my beloved soulmate – a fecking danger to society haha! Maybe they’re not so far wrong!) I feel so freaking lonely and sad. I have no interest in anyone else to be perfectly honest.

I said before I seek a platform to share my experiences but the last few days I’ve realised I don’t even wanna talk. I’m still very much an introvert. I wanna stop this freaking merry go round and get off the damn thing.

I just uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel of me freaking out to Coldplay lolol. That’s the best contribution I feel able to make to the sum total of the world’s happiness. If only more people would get over themselves and sing and dance to THEIR IPods on the Tube, the world would be a whole lot better and more fun.

When and if it finally downloads I’ll try and put it here but in all honesty I’m fucked off, wanna die, wanna leave the planet, Truly don’t know how much more of this I can take Peeps.

I dedicate this to my beloved soulmate, the only person in this world who loves and understands me it would seem. And I dedicate it to myself, because I am the Blackheart Man too.


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