When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Unmedicated Moodswing

It’s not that different really. I had an angry spell the last couple days, shouted and swore at my beloved soulmate, took N the day before because I couldn’t handle being conscious, and then slept about 36 hours (not all consecutively).

And my stats have taken a nosedive. I guess I should avoid posting videos of myself doing and saying nothing in the future lol! Or maybe my remaining readers are just repelled by my ugliness. I’m like, whatevs guys.

Ugly and proud!

Not exactly depressed, but just don’t wanna do the same things I was doing before. And realise I was depending too much on one person.

Not listening to music again. Got Radio 4 on though it frequently irritates.

Still hate technology and depend on it at one and the same time.

Still got very little to say.


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