When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Just to prove to you what a nutcase/incompetent I am I’m uploading a video of me somehow singing along to a non-existent backing track of ‘Still Ill’. Not sure quite how I managed this but I did such a good job of gurning to the camera that I thought I’d post it for your wan amusement. I look like some demented kindergarten teacher and the singing is just…uh…it’s also out of sync by half a mile. But you’ve gotta love those facial expressions!

I’m almost unembarrassable now (a privilege that comes with age my friends!) so wtf.

Edit: I guess the world wasn’t quite ready for this radical departure from business as normal as after several attempts it wouldn’t upload to YouTube. Haha, you’ll never know what you missed lol.

Ps, I don’t know if I ever mentioned here that the social care organisation that supplies me with my support worker actually made a professionally shot and directed film about little old me for their website. It’s only like a two minute job but it shows me looking seriously ugly and fat lol, for the annals of history. I’ve actually not watched it but in retrospect I’m glad it was made as a record of my middle-aged, depressed and suicidal self.


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