When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

The Joys of Abilify

Hi Peeps. Time for an update I guess. I have been a remiss blogger lately. Truth be told I was suicidally depressed most of the time. Last week I kind of cracked and went to see the psych. I was given abilify and have been on it for eight days now. It’s one that kicks in very quickly…and wow, yeah, I no longer feel depressed! The downside (there has to be one) is restlessness/fatigue/sleep disturbance. Also have to watch out for my blood sugar which is already elevated.

So here I am, early hours, bit bored. I was banned from a favourite chatroom while manic and haven’t been readmitted, but it’s probably for the best in all honesty. I found another one that I like, but I am not big on chatrooms. I can’t stand the banality most of the time. I only really like them when I’m a bit hypo and compulsively communicative/bored.

My attention span is not of the best lately. I can’t seem to make it through a movie or doc without considerable restlessness. I’m still reading books sporadically though, having recently rediscovered the joys of same. Internet often bores me these days. All life is there but I guess I’m not interested in all life.

I’m gradually accumulating groups and stuff to do. In the process of looking for voluntary work. Still have my wonderful Floating Support Worker Theo. He is currently supporting me to fill in my DLA form, as it’s up for renewal. He’s coming later this morning.

Weather at the moment I have to admit is gorgeous, springlike, not too hot, just how I like it. And it’s going to continue for the next week I heard. I am trying to keep on a vegan diet as much as possible. Abilify is giving me a raging appetite for junk food though so it’s not easy.

My boy is doing pretty well. He has been engaging with his studies. There could be no single thing he could do that is more calculated to make me happy lol. He’s also got into going to the gym. I haven’t actually set eyes on him for probably a year, but we’ve been talking on the phone a fair bit. Mum also well. Was down there for the weekend and we visited Dungeness Bird Sanctuary. That was so lovely and peaceful.

Love you Peeps.


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