When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Total Paranoia

Aaaargh. Was multiply banned from 2 chatrooms and a forum. Supposedly supportive sites for suicidal peeps. Was manic at the time. Am the ONLY person permanently banned from at least one of the chats.

Was readmitted to the forum a few weeks subsequent to my ban. The two chatrooms were not linked to but sort of offshoots of, the forum.

Am blogging on android phone coz feeling very triggered by a discussion I had with the admin guy who banned me.

This guy’s actions caused me a great deal of pain. Was very depressed over it to be honest.

It’s been quite traumatic.

I have no real comeback except to move on with my life, be ‘awesome’ and give these assholes the finger.

As noted in a previous post this is one place I feel safe. Where I am pretty much guaranteed not to be banned.

What kind of person gets banned from suicide sites? Trolls. Abusive people. But that wasn’t me. And it fucking hurt to be outcasted by my own people. I have to acknowledge the hurt, heal from it, understand and move on.

Blogging on phone in bed. Scuse text speak.


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