When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…


Thank God I slept last night. Feel much better for it. And yes I took a banned substance in desperation, to do so, relaxation tapes and chamomile tea wouldn’t have cut it I’m afraid.

The doc won’t prescribe me anything except antihistamines. Well she went to the trouble of dropping a script off at the chemist so the least I can do is go and pick the stuff up and give it a try I guess.

Am on a couple of chatrooms, not really mad about either but sometimes I just need a distraction and some company in the night when sleep has failed me yet again.

I use e-cigs and wonder if the nicotine could be causing some of the problem of high blood sugar etc. But I love them and don’t want to give them up. I suppose I could at least reduce the nicotine levels gradually. I’m on a medium dose at the moment.

Sorry that this blog isn’t too thrilling.


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