When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

OK That’s It

It’s not working out with Abilify. I’m gonna come off it. F*** insomnia every night, akathisia (restlessness, inability to sit still), uncontrollable food cravings, loss of focus and concentration and feeling utterly shattered and sluggish, barely able to walk down the friggin’ road. F*** falling asleep in my classes and being unable to follow what’s being said even when it’s relatively simple.

I’m just done with this drug, and not very impressed at the great minds that dreamt it up. Surely with all their knowledge and funds they can do better than market such a potentially damaging and debilitating substance?

Hopefully I will get to see the consultant early this week as an emergency. I will ask to go back on something like seroquel or lamictal or both. Trying to manage life meds-free no longer seems to be an option for me. I have a very persistent kind of depression nowadays that first kicked in several years ago. It may be partly my age, hormones, physiological considerations like blood sugar issues. Am due to go for a fasting blood test, haven’t been able to do so because of all the abilify drama.

All is not lost though. I don’t feel too downhearted. Just looking forward to a relief from these hideous side effects. Search for the miracle drug or combo continues!


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