When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

The End Of An Era

Well, I saw the psych and I must say, he was pretty kind and caring, and spent a full hour with me and my care coordinator and a junior, talking over my options. He didn’t offend me this time lol. So I don’t feel so critical of him any more.

The upshot of our discussion was that I would try a combo of fluoxetine (prozac) 20mg, with olanzapine 5mg. And may the good Lord have mercy on my soul. Especially given that the first common side effect of olanzapine is weight gain (it’s notorious) and the first one of Prozac is insomnia. Sigh.

Mind you I don’t seem to gain a lot of weight these days, nor do I lose much, if any. I am stably unhealthy and obese.

I also went for my fasting blood test on Tuesday morning. So now I await the glad tidings that yeah, I am diabetic. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong, but I’ve a shedload of symptoms which could easily be down to that.

And this morning it was my last session with Theo my floating support worker. He’s off to a new job helping ebola sufferers. Good luck Theo…and thanks for all the fish, mate. You were fabulous.

I feel strangely upbeat this evening. Could the prozac have kicked in already?

Also went to enrol at Camden and Islington Recovery College. Was impressed. They seem to have everything the local one doesn’t. Principal among them being ‘people who want to go to it’.

I’ve become very parochial, but at least I guess I belong in this little niche I’ve carved out for myself. I’m still not very well and cognitively somewhat enfeebled. If this blog seems lacklustre, that would probably be why.


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