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How Depressing

I voted Labour but it looks like we’re gonna get another round of Cameron in any case. Disappointing but I kind of saw it coming.


My Pathetic Life

Oh dang.

No more Theo. I miss him already.

Saw the consultant last week. I’m becoming an extremely high-maintenance patient. There’s always a problem with everything.

Combo of olanzapine and prozac.

Took it for a week and slept all the hours god sent which was , uh, a godsend.

Then having recovered some of my marbles realised that olanzapine is level-pegging with clozapine for the most diabetogenic (diabetes causing), and weight-gaining meds you can possibly have.

Fuck that. Stopped it, and am taking risperidone (I had some left in the cupboard) along with the prozac until I get to see the psych on Monday.

Shame. It was kind of nice being able to sleep my life away like the cat, but I would have ended up the size of a house.

Yesterday I cleaned most of the downstairs and mopped the bathroom floor. Went shopping in Enfield Town.

Anything that keeps me active and moving is good.

Did I even tell you? My blood sugars on the last fasting blood test were only ‘slightly raised’. I’m not diabetic – yet. My cholesterol is sky high though and my BP not too good either.

FML. Pointless waste of time and effort.