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Tripping Down Memory Lane…

Aww Kate you tiny, delicate little sweetie you lol. Anyone remember where they were when they first saw a young Kate fearlessly perform Wuthering Heights on Top of The Pops? She apparently wrote that song at 14 and her creative genius has never really gone off the boil, even while she was raising her kids.

Just one gentle criticism. Kate? You can’t dance and have no sense of rhythm whatsoever. And no one would ever believe you were channelling Heathcliff or any other male dearest Kate.

Ya see, peeps desperately don’t want to feel threatened by their truth tellers. Unfortunately it is nevertheless inevitable that they will, for liars inevitably fear the truth and want to avoid exposure.

Perfect singer/artist material, a little tiny waif life woman with a teeny tiny, squeaky singing voice. But it repays a lot of listens. I particularly loved her album The Kick Inside.

At the same time I’m so fecking glad I’m me and not her. And I’m as sure as I can be that she feels the same…

I will never be anyone’s dancing puppet, I flex for real and that’s why I will never be on TOTP, plus in actual fact I will destroy and obliterate that Satanic vehicle of Jimmy Savile and his perverted minions. Sorry but anyone dumb enough to cosy up to the likes of that manifest creep deserves to be tarred, feathered and dragged through the town till nothing remains of them but the piece of rope they used to hoist themselves by their own freaking petard.

Total inability to judge character is not a desirable trait. Naivete beyond a certain age is almost akin to a crime in my eyes. Our so called Courts of Law are full of establishment puppets who keep their eyes firmly off the prisoner in the dock and obfuscate and mystify obvious truths with the cunning manipulation of the so-called paper-thin and transparent evidence.

Do we need judges? Who gets to judge and who to stand in judgement? You have judged my two closest friends and supporters in the world as criminally insane and a criminal respectively. Me you have left alone, because I am considered well and truly castrated by the full on assault of psychiatry with all of it’s armoury of mind-altering drugs, threats of incarceration, thought policing. and the progressively less stigmatising label of ‘mentally ill’.

Well I have news for you dahlings. I is still here lololz. So is the son you sought to mess up as best you could, like mother like son. We’re back for retribution and you can count on this. It won’t take a form you have ever seen before in your petty, small-minded, closed-eyed, wilfully ignorant, falsely privileged and completely out of touch loopy lou freaking ‘judges’…

My guy defended himself in court and didn’t go through a solicitor. He wiped the floor with every single one of you. He demonstrated his innocence of the crime of assault against his vindictive and bitter ex beyond any doubt. But you, Mizz So-Called-Judge (did you get there on grounds of some kind of positive discrimination or perverted version of feminism, it would hardly be a first would it?) Yeah, Ms So Called Judge, you with your unfocused but generalised ill will toward humanity took home your freaking ridiculous notes and cut them into tiny bits, mixed them up, blew a magic dust over them and returned to get him firmly convicted against everyone’s better judgment.

Bitter, moi? Aww, I have no time for human emotions any more, but you, traitor and disgrace to he female sex, you deserve to carry a bitter taste in your mouth till the end of the days. Care to borrow my Nembutal? Coz frankly when I expose you you will no longer have any reason to live…

You are impotent, you don’t get it and never will because you are not even deserving of the epithet woman. Whatever is between your legs is more akin to a venus flycatcher than a vagina and you’re pissed because he wants me and not you. Wow the lengths to which a woman scorned will go hey guys?

Nah, I ain’t bitter. Things have worked out for me better than my wildest dreams and I am still the last woman or man standing, but at least I know what I freaking am! And I know I’m, a womAN!


Bruno Have A Bear Hug Lol…