When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Charity of all kinds is misguided and unnecessary, however thank you for Live Aid and Comic Relief…we r the biz.

Chuggers need to be driven off all publoc streets, agreed. They are intrusive and annoying.

Charity performances are most celebs’ way of salving their guilty consciences.

I will never perform for any cause or indeed anyone but my true friends, coz I’m not up for casting my pearls before swine. I’m old fashioned that way.

Ach, Louise you are so up yourself! Well yeah man, but so are you, right? Thought I should remodel my persona to conform more with yours and all that…

I am doing the do and always will, but my methods are my own, and I owe nobody anything in all honesty.

Suffer fools? Nah, I like ’em. They can keep me happy and entertained for days.

And Africa just wants me to let you guys know that they are not the world’s perennial victim…haha, how very far from the truth is it possible to be?

On the subject of perennial victims, excuse me? How vulnerable, exploited or abused do I look to you today Peeps?

Ya, know what, I’m not getting that…

No freaking pity parties or therapeutic support groups here thanx. My personal nightmare (my whole life then) is over, I no longer particularly care about the rest of you in all honesty!


Comments on: "Thank You For Sharing And Keep The Contributions Coming Lolol!" (2)

  1. DON’T get me started on chuggers. We seem to be infested with the damn things where I live and we get them on our doorsteps every once in a while. I did get duped and caught out three months ago by some such chugger on my doorstep who managed to guilt trip me, then extract my financial details. I thought “OK… I’ll donate the minimum as a one off” so asked him what that was. £2.50 A WEEK. I said “no way… I’m on benefits I can’t afford that” but he persisted and I was so tired and fed up, I signed the dotted line. This chugger then had the nerve to patronise me “just think, when more lives are saved, you can pat yourself on the back” The following morning, a firmly worded email was sent to that charity explaining what had happened. They were MORTIFIED. For a start, these chuggers were going about after hours – it’s illegal for them to do their thing after 9pm and this moron was at my door at 9:30pm. Anyway, I got given an apology and added to their block list and the payments cancelled. Meanwhile, I found some stickers and stuck one on my door saying Unsolicited callers are NOT welcome. Three weeks ago, knock at the door… a bloody chugger. I snapped and told him “No. Read this notice!” then slammed the door in his face. I felt a bit of a shit being so blunt but I guess one has to be cruel to be kind sometimes!

    Funny. I’ve known LOTS of ill people over my life. I’ve never known ANY of them benefit from any of the many charities that’s supposed to help them in their time of need…

    When it comes to charity, sure, I buy stuff from charity shops, but the only charities I willingly give to if I see anyone rattling their boxes are animal ones. I always refuse the stickers and badges. What do I need them for? To show off to everyone “hey look at ME, I gave to such and such a charity!”? Knickers to that. I prefer to give what I can, when I choose and keep bloody quiet about it. Works much better that way methinks.

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