When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

So Rihanna, honey, you’re a satan-worshipping baby sacrificer huh babe?

Let’s be purrrfectly clear. I ain’t no Satanist. And Rihanna is a good pal of mine, I highly doubt she has sold her soul or even been brainwashed from birth by the freaking Illuminati.

Historically I considered all conspiracy theories to be paranoid delusions, and see no real reason to change my view.

‘How was I to know my love was delusional?’

Incarcerated by the State forcibly in a hellhole thirty plus times and kept drugged for years by big Pharma. My psychiatric notes must be pretty voluminous and would doubtless make instructive reading. Naturally, they would tell you way more about those who wrote them and stood in judgment on my mental state than they would ever tell you about me…

Luckily for me I found friends within the system, not just other patients but also some of the staff who were assigned to my ‘case’. Will always be grateful to Wendy Giovanelli and Wayne Garner, mental health social workers, among many others, also want to give an honourable mention to Phillippa Lennon and Theo Lloyd (Floating Support Workers) from the Centra organisation. You guys are the toppermost of the poppermost, best I can hope for you is that you’ll belatedly become extremely rich and be able to retire and live off the fat of the land. You rock!

Regarding friends. I have one. I do not require more. His name is Maurice, he is currently a prisoner of the state. Regarding love, I seriously doubt it exists. A ‘relation-ship’ either works or it doesn’t. Don’t go getting yourself broken hearts, they bloody hurt trust me. If the guy don’t appreciate you as you know you deserve, move swiftly on to the next! Same for the guys.

You know how we do.


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