When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

We’re Fine

Hi Peeps. What can I say? Not a lot… ‘Saved by the love of a good man’ sums it up more than adequately.

Yeah we’re skint. He doesn’t care. He’s used to it lol. He said ‘we’ve got each other’, I replied yeah, when it comes to having nothing to eat it will be interesting to see who eats who first!

Rihanna’s song ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ is a hoot, if somewhat insane, but anything that girl does is OK with me, love her to tiny pieces. But for pity’s sake, lend us a tenner girlfriend lol!

He (and I to a lesser extent) is very taken with the American TV series ‘Zoo’, about animals turning and biting back at their human oppressors. Yay! To recommend it, I like the cinematography, the beautiful aninals, the scene changes to various far flung corners of the world, and the simplicity of plot (I can never follow complicated plots).

Oh and for those of you who always want to know how my wonderful 19 year old son is doing, well, he passed his English GCSE, double yay, and is methodically, sensibly and maturely proceeding to the next step which for him is a course in Animal Husbandry. Eventually he wants to study Psychology (he shares my passion and talent for the subject) and apparently the Animal course will give him the equivalent of the five GCSE’s he needs to progress to that. I told him if the course works for him all well and good, if not that’s good too, there are many ways to skin a cat (but why would anyone want to?)

He points out that he also has had a lifelong passion for animals, having a particular affinity for big cats. As part of his GCSE assignments he wrote an impassioned piece entitled ‘Our Paradise Is Their Prison: The Case Against Zoos’. I brought him up vegetarian and he largely stuck to the diet while in foster care, he’s his mother’s son (who else’s could he be in the circumstances?), to my mind a normal, sensitive human being who doesn’t see why other sentient beings should be harmed and killed for the insane fancy of our palate.

Having a Morrissey moment there! Confession time: I have not been strictly vegan lately, but have virtually never relapsed onto fish or meat in 33 years. It is hard for the best of us to eat an ideal diet, and I burn up a helluva lot of calories doing what I do!

Sending out only the best of all possible vibes to all my loyal readers wherever you are in the world. Don’t give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel and in Moz’s words ‘It Never Goes Out’.


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