When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Well, I kind of made myself homeless today as I couldn’t face coming back to an empty house without Ezra. Yet I felt his supportive presence with me all day and everyone was absolutely lovely to me, I kid you not, I was given money and food down at St Martin’s in the Fields, it is a super classy place to be homeless, the services there are great. It all but renewed my faith in humanity, and there was plenty entertainment and stimulation all day as Trafalgar Square was full of performers and audiences milling about. Also I met a wonderful Afghan guy who has good English and has been homeless there for 5 years so he was able to show me the ropes and in fact provided food and drink for me all day, he was a real Guardian Angel.

Let me tell you folks, free food tastes SOOOO much better than anything you can buy in those overpriced cafes that just want your money. I didn’t pay for a thing all day. I was able to lie down on the steps of the church and on Oscar Wilde’s plinth and on the grass in front of the National Gallery, the day was super-warm, I had only a few belongings with me, really didn’t need much. However when Afghan guy decided he needed to go off and see his pal in Chinatown I felt that was my cue to get the bus home and feed the poor cat, take some benzos and sleep. And guess who showed up with his dad a matter of minutes later? Yeah, the man himself lol.

I can’t escape him or he me, we’re always together wherever we are.  That’s why I’m happy and fecking blissed out all the time, that’s why my life is finally falling into place, despite the occasional ordeal by fire.

Let Bob Marley close: ‘Don’t worry, bout a thing/Coz every little thing’s gonna be alright’.


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