When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

A Word On Independence

Hello peeps, I feel like letting off a bit of steam.

Scottish Nats aside I detest independence with a passion. Anyone who poses as ‘independent’ and revels in being seen as such is one big massive fuckin’ LIAR!

I am ANYTHING BUT independent. I NEVER work alone. I can do nothing alone. I might as well top myself on the spot as live my life in isolation from others. I am PITIFULLY needy. Solitary confinement (which I have experienced for real) truly is torture to me.

I thrive on communication, communion, community, collaboration, basically if there’s a ‘co’ at the beginning I probably plead guilty to it lol. Yeah, even codependency.

‘If love is a drug then I don’t need it’, sings Richard Ashcroft on one of those Verve tracks. Agreed, because no one wants the comedown. I’m staying high this time, NO ONE can bring me down! Love is my whole life, my guy means nothing to anyone but me but that’s fine, say what you like about him he knows one thing and that’s me. His worst is better than your best so fuck you all.

Nor do I require your approval, acceptance, praise, I especially don’t need for anyone to LIKE me. I require nothing from anyone. There I go, completely contradicting myself again in the space of a few words.

Consistency is overrated. Haters feel free to tear me down as much as you like , I will only rise the higher, your existence is a matter of complete indifference to me. To the man and woman who don’t like me, goodbye to quote Wiley. And if, as a reader of this blog, I rouse your ire, for Heaven’s sake get a grip of yourself and find some other more comfortable corner of the internet to get your ego massaged.


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