When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

So Loved Up

Yeah, I been writing to my guy in prison, I will visit, send money, anything if it helps him but there’s a bit of a wall of pride there to overcome.

There’s a fair bit going on in my life that is too private to share here.

I still have good days and bad days, life isn’t a picnic…but it’s still vastly improved on what was before and that’s the main thing isn’t it peeps?

I don’t freaking count my blessings, lol. What on earth is the virtue in knowing how many there are? But I do regularly recollect to myself all the things I have rather than dwelling too much on those I don’t. Read up on the Law of Attraction if you feel inclined. The more you dwell with longing on the lacks the more privation you draw into your life. So feel like a freaking millionnaire!

Money has never been my main issue. The lack of a partner/soulmate was. I have that, ergo, I have everything I need. He’s made all the difference in the world and some, so fuck you to all his haters (lol, he has many).

Okay Louise, calm down.

I told him if he and I pull together we can do anything (didn’t say this in a letter that can be perused by the prison staff) including get him the fuck out of there. (He got 9 years by the way). He’s very hot on the Law. I’m very hot on psychology. That could be a killer combination. He needs to find professionals with whom he can work and establish a rapport. He’s got to find a technicality or SOMETHING…

My arguments ‘he never had any proper mothering’, he’s a foolish guy who was blinded by Love, he has a tendency not to listen to his Inner Voice…those I doubt would stack up in a court of Law. Which is what makes what poses as Justice such a total ass in this country and in most parts of the world.

I aim to blast the whole thing sky high. Just give me time.


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