When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…


Haha, Alanis really nails it here!


Comments on: "Narcissus" (4)

  1. Listening to Alanis is as pleasurable as a toothache for me, but I did take time to look up the lyrics to this and it’s a good ‘un. I might reverse the gender and have a bash at my own version since it fits a couple of people I’ve known perfectly like a glove!

    • Yes Baz, it could work equally well with the genders reversed I am quite sure…we are all a composite of male and female qualities whether we know/acknowledge it or not. The female advantage is that it is more socially acceptable for a woman to display ‘masculine’ traits than for a male to show ‘feminine’ ones. I am definitely a loser in love as I’m drawn to a narcissist just as Alanis so eloquently describes. The heart wants what it wants, I am a loser in life, in love, frankly I want to die so badly and have for years. Do you remember a song that goes ‘I would rather go blind than see you walk away from me’? I want to be blind to all the ugliness this world holds Baz. I simply can’t let myself see it anymore, it has made me so very ill for so many years, enough is enough, let’s keep dreaming hey?

      On 23 October 2015 at 22:26, Am I Still Ill? wrote:


      • Oh yes… indeed we are all a composite of masculine and feminine traits and therein lies one of my biggest problems since as you say and know, it’s not “socially acceptable” for men to show their feminine side. A major reason why I have no actual male friends any more is because I freak them out. I’ve always been tuned into and accepting of my feminine traits. Unfortunately, virtually every man I’ve known is in constant denial of that side of themselves. That’s caused no end of conflict and lack of acceptance on THEIR part towards me. I can’t relate to mens obsession with things like football, beer and that whole “lads” culture thing. I’ve always got along better with females and they tend to relate to me better than other guys.

        As for my “love life”… well, to tie it in with what I just wrote above, there is a very good reason why when I get round to officially changing my name that one of my middle names will be “Ophelia” – the only Shakespeare character I can fully understand and relate to. A LOT of parallels there between me and Ophelia. Too many.

  2. Wish I was peacefully and photogenically drowned at the bottom of a lake myself Baz, this movie has gone on way too long lol. I hope you’re not thinking of having a sex change, aaaargh?

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