When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

The Paris Attacks

OK, they wanna start another pointless war which they won’t know how to end.

Much as I take a secret delight in bloodshed which I make no apology for, the thought of the inevitable deja vu which will ensue now at the behest of our delusional and dangerous ‘leaders’ makes me heave a deep sigh inwardly.

I love Paris, but the French government and culture has oppressed Muslims, no question, and here are the karmic consequences…

Having said that, we in London could easily be next. Please God let me be next to the suicide bomber. I don’t fancy facing life missing a leg or an arm, call me old-fashioned.

You cannot reason with lunacy, but it can be tamed with humility, self-insight, gentleness and understanding.

Not qualities which bring to mind any of these mindless puppets the sheeple look to for leadership. Good luck with that.

No, violence and random blood sacrifices clearly call for more, and on a bigger scale this time.

When will it end?


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