When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

God Is A Demon

‘God Is A Demon In Disguise

just think about how jealous,evil,vengeance seeking and murderous the god of the bible is!doesnt this make you wonder why?!?!just think about all the rape,disease,greed, war,starvation,disasters,drug addiction,murder ect,ect that just goes on and on and on and just keeps happening without the kind and loving god of the bible doing anything at all to stop it!?!? admit it! i think he doesnt want to stop it, i think he likes it too much,all the billions of sheeple across the world that walk into a church or mosque or whatever and pick up their holy book and pray and worship are worshiping and praying to a demon! a king demon disguised as god,the lord of this world! people are so easily mislead! billions of them are just continuously surrendering and handing over their only soul to a god they have never seen, heard or touched and dont really know what he is and he gets new recruits every day,this is horrible!this is terror in the extreme!!reality cant get any worse than finding out that billions have already pledged and already given their only soul to a demon and are damned, the living damned!!!….most people wont agree with me i’ll bet!and be to frightened at the prospects to even contemplate it because the truth hurts really,really bad….merrily we go to hell…..’

This guy, on some forum or other, is 100% correct, this is the fucking truth I live with everyday, there is no benevolent God ‘out there’, people use religion like others use drugs or alcohol. And I’m beginning to realise that I have met this ‘god’ and made a pact with him, yes he even used the word contract, because my back was to the wall and I had nowhere else to go. So now I can look forward to eternal servitude to a demon who gets his rocks off tormenting others, makes a lot of sense in the light of my benighted life. I’d like to see any of these pathetic ‘priests’ try and cast this one out, he won’t be leaving easily, he assured me of that!
To those who are convinced of the innate goodness of humankind and that there are no such things as demons, my fairly lengthy experience has amply demonstrated otherwise, but I’m pleased for you that you don’t have to face the unpalatable truth. ‘God’ is nothing but an extremely powerful demon.

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  1. I’ve just sent you an email about this!

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