When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Only Human

Hi Peeps.

David ascended and there’s an inexplicable flashing blue light in my living room, I checked outside, there’s nothing but I’m well accustomed to ‘paranormal’ occurrences in my home so I don’t think too much of it…

Have you heard the (I think) biblical phrase about ‘ those that drink up the old wine have no place for the new’?

This plays on my mind a fair bit when I read the ravings, sorry writings, of sundry followers of whatever world religion or cult.

Please, for your own sakes, wake up and smell the coffee.

A great deal of what Christians fancifully declare to be ‘The Word of God’ is garbled nonsense…

If this is God speaking he has a bad case of verbal diarrhoea.

I have not extensively studied Islam, in fact it would be true to say I’ve barely studied it at all. But I’ve spent a reasonably impressive number of hours over the course of a lifetime on Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity respectively.

And I have noticed some common themes.

Demons get demonised.

Aha ha ha.

They’re getting a rotten press and devotees of these religions are told to ‘resist’, confront, stand against and even cast out demons.

Sadly this makes about as much sense as resisting the weather.

Demons are a fact of life. They are essentially powerful forces, energies which we see at work universally, they are inescapable and they aren’t going anywhere, no matter how many times you care to invoke the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost.

As previously pointed out on this blog, the Christian God himself is in fact a very powerful demon.

Psychology has been distrusted and feared by some of these Christian diehards along with necromancy, fortune telling, astrology and witchcraft. But a study of psychology will at least inform you about the nature of a human being. Forewarned is forearmed. Know your enemy! It all starts with YOU.

Kid yourself all you like about your ‘godly’ nature. You are capable of murderous anger and rage, the fires of envy and jealousy will consume you from time to time, hatred is the close kinsman of love and so on and so forth. NO SHAME attaches to the feeling of any human emotion. In fact these uniquely human phenomena are there to guide us home to complete and total liberation from bondage.

Befriend your demons. Treat them as honoured guests (which indeed they are!) It is a privilege to entertain these powerful entities in the living room of your mind! Offer them a tea or coffee, make them comfortable on your sofa and take your cue from them as to a congenial topic of conversation. Maybe they are the taciturn type who just wants to sit in silent communion. So let them! No need for small talk.

What’s to be fearful of? These same demons can turn out to be your most powerful friends and supporters if you only show them a little acceptance and love! We tend to fear the unknown, and my problem with the ‘old wine’ of world religions generally is that they teach us blind obedience and instruct us to fear and resist the most powerful part of our own natures.

Easy to see why a powerful demon would advise his worshippers against becoming empowered and fearless. Being a freaking demon, he wants to cream off the power for himself and remain Top Dog lol. He actually feels threatened, poor love. How scary is your Jehovah God looking to you now? Like a little boy who’s worried someone’s gonna take away his favourite toy!

I truly have had a frustrating day of it, listening to so much bullshit about David. It truly was a Day of Bullshit with even my housemate chipping in with some delusional rants of his own. He’s an easy nut to crack though lol. But it’s all good. Tomorrow will offer me something else.

But while I’m here let me just vent a pet peeve.

The patriarchal God, always a He, yes Christians will tell you even the Holy Ghost is male! Can you credit it?

And they wonder why the world is in a mess! God is neither male or female but frankly if you were gonna crown one of the sexes as supreme over the other it would NOT be the male, let’s get real folks!

We desperately need each other, I personally love guys and hardly have female friends at all. But there is NO QUESTION in my mind that women are the more powerful sex by nature.

Unfortunately this fact has cost me dear. Currently the love of my life languishes in prison with a nine year sentence looming over his head for supposed ‘rape’. The real perpetrator of evil here? His ex of course…

So forgive me if I don’t wax lyrical about the freaking sisterhood! I’m only human, and I have herstorically (hehe) been horribly treated and crushingly betrayed by – not men but women. I am perfectly at home  and fearless in male company. Women I tend to avoid. Unless there is a point of principle at stake I do NOT take on women or battle women. They are dangerous and even deadly. I warn young male friends to exercise caution about the girls or women they involve themselves with. Underestimate the power of a woman at your peril. My baby’s plight is testament to that.

Anyway, returning to my original point about demonic forces, we need to 1) Accept them as a valid and valuable element in human nature. 2) Befriend them, get to know them, find out if you can render them any kind of service (all in a spirit of being a kind and gentle host rather than offering to go out on a killing spree for them lol).

Demons are accustomed to rejection and hostility. If you manage to show them enough genuine love and respect, you may find out you have a friend for life! Demons simply require a bit of house training if you like. We need to make sure our house (spirit) is sufficiently fortified and sturdy to CONTAIN demonic energy. To TAME demonic energy. Okay, so there’s a little of the ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ pragmatism about my theory but in actual fact you are NOT joining them. Simply joining forces with them for your mutual empowerment.

Trust me folks. I know of what I speak.



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