When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…


Fuck criminal justice. You know it makes sense. I witnessed a weak minded and morally dubious judge pass sentence on God! God is doing nine years in Pentonville for freaking rape!

And all I can do is sit at home and feebly blog about it in a darkened corner of the internet that is visited by approx 3 people worldwide, many days not even that.

Somehow I’ve given up caring. I do this for me and him. If it helps anyone else that’s all well and good but you  lot have tried my patience one too many times and I am developing the hardened carapace of indifference.

Look how mindless videos of cats playing the piano go viral. Meanwhile these timeless and hardwon insights go totally unnoticed. OF COURSE it makes me give up caring. I can’t even stand the word ‘care’ anymore and never use it. It’s so phony. Why should I ‘care’ about what happens to peeps who have, to quote my baby, ‘never given me anything in my life’? Let’s get real folks. We’re all hardwired to be selfish and I contend that there is NOTHING WRONG with that. If you don’t look after you you are basically trashing yourself and don’t look to me for sympathy when everyone else follows suit.

Check the archives of this blog if you seek evidence to back up what I am saying. I personally have NOTHING to prove. I was roundly trashed by society, the maddest underdog on the map by a long way. Yet did I give up on myself? Fuck no! I was INFINITELY resourceful in trying to heal myself from my mental, physical and spiritual malaise. I was TIRELESS in my own defence. I lived, breathed, ate and crapped out this shit 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you don’t wanna know about it (let’s face it peeps, you’ve voted with your feet), that’s fine and dandy with me coz I need your approval like a freaking hole in the head.

The fact that this blog goes ignored and unnoticed affords me a little wintry merriment in fact. I swear to God, you folks entertain me endlessly with your deaf-blindness and inexhaustible stupidity.

This world not good enough for you? Wrong. It is TOO GOOD for you and you are like spoiled brats always wanting more. Greedy, vicious, avaricious spoiled brats. Listen to some freakin’ music if you need guidance or upliftment! Stop moaning the fuck about what you haven’t got and focus on what you DO got!!! Your war stories don’t interest me, in fact your ability to consume endless long-winded drama never ceases to amaze.

Yeah, we’re storytelling beings, thus far I am in accord. But there is a freaking limit! Condense your latest Hollywood blockbuster into a two minute trailer containing all it is likely to teach me, and please let it be clear to a five year old because  otherwise? No capisce.

I ain’t watching face, I can see all the faces in the world by looking into my own and there is nothing to interest me there. As for plots, I can’t follow them, and constantly confuse one character with another, I literally cannot tell them apart! Endless recycled bullshit is all I hear. I can’t watch movies anymore.

I am a comedian, writer, psychologist, singer, dancer, cook, actually there is pretty much no end to my talent. I’d far rather keep myself company and write letters to my baby in prison than fuck about with your endless drivel. Take yourself away from me, I owe you one big zero! Stop tryna get rich off my back coz (stop the press) it ain’t gonna bring you no satisfaction in the long run and may bring hefty karmic consequences if you start chattin’ too much shit.

This world has more than enough cultural product to be going on with. Kick back and take a rest, what are you, workaholic? Worried if you take it easy you’re gonna cease to exist or something? What’s your fuckin’ problem! I’d like nothing better personally. I have NO ATTACHMENT to you or any of this. I only want my baby and you’ve taken him from me because your ‘love’ equates to hypocritical self-seeking. Hey man, why not try to find out who you are BEFORE you seek fame and glory?

No one loves anyone. We are all completely selfish, that’s the way it always was and the way it always will be. If the sheeple could just stop with all the fronting and doublespeak we would find that pure and total selfishness is the key to global harmony, not trying to be something you will patently never be.

Who r ya anyway? Lol.



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