When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

They Don’t Know About Us


I don’t really go there. I’ve always deep down inside known who I was and that I would ultimately rise above and beyond all my haters and the crushing injustice that I have witnessed and experienced in the course of my existence on this planet.

Now that I am One with my Beloved I know beyond a shadow of doubt that karma is REAL. By attempting to hurt me or my loved ones these unfortunate characters are essentially digging their own graves.

Karma is a cold bitch who carries out her work with ruthless efficiency completely independent of me.

As the ordeals I have undergone are essentially meaningless and a product of human ignorance they and their perpetrators simply don’t exist for me anymore.

I don’t feel resentment. I don’t have grievances. I don’t cherish hurt and I’m no one’s victim. Haha, oh please, don’t get me or my baby started on THAT one!

Do you still not realise, I prayed for rebirth in a completely different personality and with a whole new identity, and that is what I got? I changed my name! I’m not Zoe no more. Forget that miserable-ass bitch!

When I had to defend myself against unwarranted attacks even from some of my cherished friends my baby strengthened my arm and sustained me throughout and no, I didn’t even KNOW him then! But he’s a strong-ass bastard, not someone you would want to meet in a dark alley trust me lol.

My baby is essentially doing time because some people, dare I even fuckin’ say it, some WOMEN, decided that feminism was one massive call to, uh, self-pity. Angela, forgive me, but I can’t resist mentioning your name at this point. You are definitely a character on this blog, you’ll go down in the annals of history love but hardly as a tub thumping hero.

Many men are currently suffering because of your perversion of feminism’s most inalienable truths. Gosh, I SO wouldn’t want on my conscience the responsibility for imprisoning God! No wonder you could never pray honey, no wonder you couldn’t locate your Higher Power.

Personally I am nothing but grateful to you. You taught me so much, and your betrayal and persecution brought me so close to my baby. Those ‘abusive’ emails I sent in response to you and your girl gang’s persecution of me and my beliefs? We wrote them together loves. So answer to him!

Is it any wonder the mention of my name is like holy water to a freaking vampire? The awful part about you, Angela, is that you knew me pretty damn well. You cooked up your betrayal scenario in plain sight while stringing me along letting me think we were on the same page.

And if I now sadly feel like a female misogynist who prefers to avoid women altogether, can anyone freaking blame me?

Don’t worry. I will likely get over that in time. Women are people, some great, some shit. It’s just that when they are bad they’re truly fuckin’ awful lol.

You for real DID bring me closer to my baby though. Because of that experience (the betrayal by you Angela and the persecution by your proto-feminist girl gang of self-victimisers) I was able to completely empathise with the betrayal of my baby by his vindictive ex and his subsequent trip to the wilderness. I’m grateful for real, because he is simply the centre of my world, he is EVERYTHING to me.

Huh, what’s so special about this guy, he’s just a guy I hear you trumpet. Well whatevs, I alone had faith in him, I alone sustained him, I alone took him in when he had nothing at the end of the freakin’ day. And to do so was the most profound privilege of my entire benighted existence. I knew exactly who he was. I’m not ‘disabled’, I have functioning eyes and ears and a lot more besides.

It’s all cool peeps.  It will never matter a damn to me what you think and even if your ego takes a hit hearing me say that you will thank me for it one day if you make it out of here alive.


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