When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Back From The Dead

Hello again Peeps!

I’ve been to Hell Peeps. Back again now. I paid for that eight month sojourn into mania and lala land. Didn’t even want to look at this blog until today, was too ashamed to see my manic ravings again! Can you ever forgive me peeps? More importantly, can I forgive myself?

Well as of yesterday and today, possibly yes.

The last post was copy pasted from an email to a dear, recently-acquired internet friend in the States. The copy pasting never formats well on this blog so apologies for that. If you care to read it I hope you will, because that there ‘epiphany’ is the product of several months of torture and pain. Yes, OF COURSE I went into ‘the dark place’. But with the help of some wonderful internet friends, including this lady, not to mention the long-suffering mental health workers who periodically have to try and put Humpty Dumpty back together again, I can guardedly say I’m getting there.

It’s actually SO GREAT to be back here! So good to remember that writing is just something I do, am compelled to do.

I’m working on mending fences with my near and dear ones, who I simply hadn’t contacted barely in months.

Ezra is still in prison but might get out on appeal in a few months. We’ve had a little letter/phone call contact recently. Chances are he is not the love of my life or I his. But there’s mutual fondness.

Had a homeless, incomeless alcoholic of 29 staying with me for the last many months. Surprise! Had to kick him out.

It’s so peaceful here without him, but I hope he gets his act together and comes back to visit when he’s a bit rehabbed. His needs and mine had begun to clash but I was really fond of him.

That’s the news headlines, but it’s so good to talk to you again Peeps!


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