When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Fuck Your Feelings Part Two

Yeah I was defeated by the formatting in that last post because of the copy-pasting from google.

OK, do I want to be an ‘object of attention, solicitude or anxiety’ to someone else?

I concede that I might sometimes desire their attention, though I’m not even convinced about that.

But the other two? How the fuck is your solicitude or anxiety going to be of any material advantage to me whatsoever? If anything, isn’t it more likely to make me feel guilty, or bad for you? I’ve ’caused’ you this anxiety and have become burdensome, etc?

For that matter do I want to be considered an ‘object’?

OK, having said all that and thoroughly debunked the whole idea of ‘caring’ in that specific sense:

I often tell people to ‘take care’ when parting from them.

And yes, I am careful with objects, with things. I edit these posts carefully. In other words I pay a lot of attention to the spelling, grammar, etc.

I’m careful, when pouring hot water from the kettle, not to spill it on myself.

But with people? How can you apply it to them? It’s an honest question and if anyone has an answer for me I’d love to hear it.

‘Caring’ about suicidal people, wanting to keep them alive at all costs in the name of the ridiculous nonsense you call ‘caring’?

Have I asked you for anxiety? Have I asked you for solicitude? Have I even asked for your attention, which looks like being fairly worthless to me at this point?

Nope. Your attention is not genuine. You’re paying attention to yourself not me. Because YOU like living, because YOU are horrified by suicide/death you wanna project all that shit onto me in the name of ‘caring’?

You lack a proper sense of boundaries. Go and fix yourself or don’t. I’m indifferent either way.


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  1. Oscar Wilde said:

    Hi Zoe. I lost my passwords to my apps, but I have a new email should you feel like reconnecting.

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