When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

I’ve Been Banned Before

And no reader, it doesn’t feel nice.

Banned three times from three different suicide chats. Banned from the Suicide Project, but got that ban lifted. Only one of the suicide chats never let me back in. And the SP also relented after I wrote emails to the admin.

So with my latest chat I decided to preempt a possible banishment and ban myself.

Like a comedian who learns to be funny and take the piss out of himself as a kind of defence against being the butt of another’s jokes.

I won’t lie. It would have hurt like hell to be banned from this one as I was very fond of the peeps there and they felt almost like family.

But hehe, is this the universe trying to tell me something or what?

Nope Louise. You’re not getting out of life that easily!

Except that suicide is a lot easier to think about than to actually do.



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