When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

It’s the same for so many of us. Our mum had to shoulder the responsibility for effectively being both our mum and our dad. For whatever reason. Whether he was actually absent, or just emotionally unavailable.

And god knows, as Tupac so rightly said, it’s hard for a single mother to raise a man.

Though you may by now have  noticed I’m not a man (and trust me, the way I write? It can be hard to tell lol), my mum will always be my Number One.

There is more than a touch of the divine about a good mother.

Yes, unconditional love, that goes without saying, but where else in this sad and sorry world do you ever find that?

And she may not even know until nearing the end of her life how much she’s appreciated, and what an enormous debt we owe her.

So my son, my brother and I did our best to let her know, as her 85th birthday was on Wednesday. She’s always been a total star, and as my son put on his birthday card to her, thanks for being ‘awesome’.

No words though can ever express our debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. Which is why I posted this and this.



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