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I Grew Up With This Shit


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  1. He he he! Wonderful stuff. Pete and Dud were brilliant and their style of humour still holds up surprisingly well all this time later. They inspired me muchly especially this one since the way Dud keeps making the C word so funny, I tried to subvert things and make giving the finger funny by using it in one of my audience participation pieces. It worked – the audiences always responded with good humour to me giving them the finger as that was their signal to shout WOOOO! It was stupid and that was the point – a so called “offensive” gesture was neutered! The film they did in 1967 “Bedazzled” with Cook as the devil was a fascinating rumination on religion and how absurd that can be!

    • They sure were something else Bazz. My friends and I used to practise their monologues/dialogues until we had them pretty much word perfect. Same with a lot of the Monty Python skits. Happy days.

      • Yeah, they were amazing… still watch and listen to them now and have a bloody good laugh. A lot of humour has dated but these two haven’t and they stand the test of time.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I can hear a tap tap tap at the bladdy window… don’t tell me it’s bladdy Greta Garbo again…

      • Be thankful if it IS her and not the waay scarier ghost of Cathy in Wuthering Heights coming back for Heathcliff…oops gonn ahafta post Kate’s version now. Lolol at ‘bladdy Greta Garbo’.

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