When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Sonny Boy

He has no visible means of support. He won’t jump through all the hoops required for JSA (Job Seekers Allowance, a UK welfare benefit for non-UK readers), which personally? I TOTALLY understand.

Haringey Council (my local council which was responsible for putting him into state care in the first place) give him NOTHING to live on. They do give my mum an allowance for him though but it isn’t much and only really covers basic living costs.

My boy is extremely frugal and careful with money by nature. Even more so than me. I tend to indulge myself waaay more. He is exceedingly analytical and an over-thinker by nature…for example on the rare occasions he requires something new…such as his iPhone 6 and latest laptop…he ponders long and hard about it first.

He also does not ‘take the piss’ when it comes to asking ME for money. I think it is a matter of pride when it comes to him, and I remember being just the same with MY mum and dad. It hurt to ask for so much as a tenner from my dad.

My son has no ‘hustle’. At least not when it comes to money. You’d hardly know he ever LIVED in London. Yet when people he’s just met ask him where he’s from? He says ‘London’…coz of the ‘cool’ factor. As he’s currently dwelling in a tiny rural village in the wilds of Kent, it tends to provide a talking point. And when you’re meeting new people it’s always good to have one of those, right?

I would like him to be free of the natural anxiety caused by lack of an official income though. He doesn’t count his £10 000 savings, the legacy from me/my dad, and in fact does not even have access to those funds as my mum is keeping them in a separate account for him.

My son is rather naive about the whole concept of ‘working’ for a living. He claims to be willing to take any kind of McJob. But my mum and I have our doubts. If they require a ‘comedy fast food purveyor’ in the local Maccy D’s, well I haven’t seen it listed on any of their job specs and doubt I will any time soon.

Whatever my son does people tend to watch him in wonderment and sometimes laugh. He’s not like anybody else. And here’s a song to illustrate the point.




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