When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Tribute To Maurice

Yanno what?

I don’t NEED to write a tribute to Maurice. He’s so enormously and fabulously ‘up himself’ (remember, it takes one to know one) that a tribute from me would cause him nothing more than the tiniest of chuckles.

Plus, I’m frankly completely exhausted and spent after a very full working day. Up yours Jeremy Kyle!

But I guess I just want to mention that he came for a visit yesterday morning. We reminisced about our bad old days together and made each other laugh. He no longer was scared to enter what we used to call ‘the dungeon’ (ie, this house). He met the lodger and they instantly connected.

Maurice is HUGELY talented in so many directions it frankly makes you dizzy. I fully understand why I was so besotted with him back then. And he loved and still loves me too but we have both moved on…of course.

So yeah. Maurice is his own tribute. And I feel exactly the same. A walking tribute to my own immortal and superhuman greatness.

So no tearful Oscar Acceptance speeches will be found necessary…yes Gwyneth Paltrow, that was aimed right at you you dumb American crybaby. Go fuck yourself as I have so often had to. You had the terrible taste to marry Chris Martin so I have neither sympathy nor pity for you…you’re beyond help. Lol.

Oh stop. I’ve just GOT to find you a link before I subside into a coma. http://thechurchofchrismartin.wordpress.com

Tomorrow I will add that to my blogroll. It’s an absolute hoot. Night peeps.


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