When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…


OK, I’ve worked at this for hours and am simply unable to get a direct link for you. But for anyone who cares enough about what’s going on in today’s world? Copy paste this link into google or whatever. It contains the entire album of highly spiritual hip hop created in my locality by my ex Ezra who now languishes at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. I’m not geeky at all and my best and most persistent efforts could produce only this but I hope it works for you (I only had the CD and was wanting to share it on the internet, if anyone has any better ideas for me please let me know?)

But hey I’m supposed to be all fine about kids younger than my son that I talked to on the internet to being found dead on a hotel floor from suicide?

I’m supposed to be all fine and  happy that the creator of this song and many others Ezra is currently serving nine years for ‘rape’…alleged by his gf of 15 years and babymother who he was so faithful to all that time? Who loved his son to pieces and was his main carer for the first three years of his life until she basically ripped him away from him with the false allegations?

If this is any kind of cautionary tale it would be one strictly against fidelity or monogamy. But in fact I guess the sadder reality is this. Beware of being faithful to the wrong person! It can turn around and bite a chunk out of your ass, if not cannibalise you completely. And women are even more dangerous than men!

But since this blog is ‘all about me’…right Barbara Lisicki of Equals Training? I will simply dwell on my own feelings about this for a few nanoseconds if I may.

The loss of Ezra to prison was and still is utterly devastating for me. To actually witness the farcical ‘trial’ from the public gallery was a mindfuck of the first order.

The reality? This guy was a beautiful, endlessly creative gentle giant who would scarcely hurt a fly. He wasn’t without flaws anymore than any of us are. But a rapist? Ahhh go rape yourself you dumb white trash POS. You knew he wanted to move on from you, with every good reason, so you decided to essentially ‘bury’ him. And if that is not evidence of a controlling, predatory, psychopathic and sadistic mindset I honestly don’t know what is.

But I actually DON’T blame the girl and would not engage with any kind of catfight with her if I met her (sorry to disappoint any cunts who enjoy that kind of thing). She simply used a system that was stacked against him and in favour of her to remove him from her sight and thoughts since he was now an inconvenience who might dare to come between her and ‘her’ beloved son in some way. So she was rehoused, given heaps of sympathy and in every way richly rewarded for playing the victim card.

But hey! I’m meant to plaster a fake smile on my face am I not, along with the rest of the commuter robots, and go get a freaking honest job? Would that one existed huh? Look at the job specs! Great team player, self starter, works from own initiative, game changer (ugh), bubbly personality (double ugh)…

Yanno what guys? This entire ‘reality’ is one gigantic pisstake. The best advice I can offer is to try to see the funny side and take the piss right back at these clowns.

But you know what else? I don’t just BELIEVE in the Law of Karma and what goes around comes around. I actually observe it everyday. Hang in there Ezra. Most real people know what a sex offender looks like and it ain’t you brother.


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