When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Did you notice the clear intent of the bull to finish this ‘man’ off? He returned several times to get the job done.

Then you get the inevitable Farcebook retards who appear to think the whole thing is a big joke. The bull humiliates the ‘man’ but lets him live.

I hate these retards almost more than I hate the original ‘matadors’ themselves. How exactly is torturing a beautiful and innocent animal to death for sport considered either ‘funny’, ‘brave’, or ‘a sport’?

I don’t bear many grudges it’s true, I’m not the type, but I will NEVER ‘shout out’ to Spain or Spaniards because of the immense pain bullfighting has caused me and other sensible people for so many years. I have NEVER been to Spain, don’t like Spanish food, do not have Spanish friends, will NEVER lower myself to learn ANY Spanish. And this is all while knowing full well that many peeps born in Spain are cool as fuck and hate their own countrymen for this atrocity?

Prejudice, like poverty, will always be with us. Sometimes there are good reasons for it, however irrational it may be.





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