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First Appearance on TOTP

I remember it well.


Comments on: "First Appearance on TOTP" (4)

  1. Yep… me too. I’d dare suggest that was THE moment of 1978 on TV as we all sat there thinking “What the FUCK is this?” yet being utterly enchanted and rivetted by it. She sure made an immediate impact… not many artistes can claim that.

    • Lol. we now calling ourselves ‘artistes’ Bazz huh? Artists way too common a term right? They’re two a penny. Kate was and is living breathing sleeping eating art.

      Farting art? Well I hope not, but ‘fartists’ has a ring about it.

  2. True about the “artistes” generalisation… problem is YouTube is cluttered with tons of amateur idiots devoid of any talent who seriously believe they are “artistes” so it’s a term that gets abused too much and in that context, they’re a million a penny! I never found fame, success etc, and I’m far from a great singer, songwriter etc but I am a living embodiment of ART as it permeats my entire existence… it is a state of Being. Besides, Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t famous nor made any money in his lifetime from his work and that’s the fate awaiting me… fame after my death as one of the greatest diarists of his time! lol!

    • No word of a lie right there Baz. When life gives you little to believe in or count on,you gotta believe in and count on yourself. If you haven’t got the brass balls required for suicide what choice do you have anyway?

      On the basis of my blog alone I am probably the first journalist to achieve immortality. Long live delusions of grandeur!

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