When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Road Rage


Comments on: "Road Rage" (2)

  1. Great song! Yes, I really did say that! So great, I even bought it on 7 inch yellow vinyl when it came out. I was not big on Catatonia, but I loved this song and I er… fancied Cerys Matthews at the time. I was pissed off because the follow up single “Strange Glue” I bought on vinyl hoping it would be as good a song (it wasn’t) came with a free large poster and I snapped it up thinking it was gonna be a poster of Cerys… it wasn’t… just the bland cover art with no sign of Cerys… grrrr…

    The same era she did that single with Scouser band Space “The Ballad Of Tom Jones” which I bought on red vinyl… fecking loved that one as well… amusing song! Yes, the era when barely anyone bought vinyl, I was contrary and still buying it. Might be worth a few bob now, but it won’t be till I’m dead I’ll be parted from my vinyl collection!

    Damn… got “Road Rage” in my head now… will have to dig it out for a spin tomorrow!

    • Haha Baz, thank gosh we found some common musical taste at last! My fave Space track is ‘The Diary Of A Wimp’, had no idea they were scousers, you’d never be able to tell lol.

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