When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Baby Solly

My Baby Solly is still about. Very much so lol. Yep he did finally fess up to loving me I guess. Or at the very least wanting me. I know too much about this freaking guy. And he knows it. And he knows more about me than anyone else, why? How?

He took the time to figure me out dear reader.

We still don’t have sex but we both know we want it. No one wants to see us together so we go and do our separate hustles every day, though I’m mostly at home these days, playing the ‘good girl’.

I told Douglas our lodger that we don’t need to get married because we’ve been married all our lives.

I practise the Law of Attraction. Whatever I want or desire in life I act like I already have it. Total world domination? Hehe, not a problem. Two husbands? THEY’RE in the bag. It’s the very least I deserve! Luckily they’re both cool with it and it’s what they want too. They told me!

My life is great now. I don’t feel like a needy nigga. Solly plays that role to a tee. I’m the cool, calm, sober one now. But as ever I prefer to be the Power Behind The Throne.

I’ve been off all psych meds for months. Even my ecig nicotine content is reduced to almost nothing so I’m essentially ‘smoking’ water vapour. I’m eating fruit (hi mum!) I make it more interesting by putting it in cakes, granola and even savoury dishes, because unadorned fruit is boring and not what it used to be. I shop for groceries in the now very lavish Hornsey High Street. My house is like a freaking mansion. I love to cook myself gorgeous veggie/vegan meals, experimenting with different types of fusion cooking and giving full rein to my creativity with food, skills honed over a very long and active life. I buy stuff for him too and sometimes he eats it. He cooks for himself a fair bit because he knows what he likes.

We both know the road we’re on. The one that goes backwards. Yep reader, I married him.



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