When faced with my demons I clothe them and feed them…

Or, why am I sublimely unimpressed by the Einsteins and other ‘great minds’ of this world?

Because true intelligence requires total integration of the whole being. That means the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. You leave out one aspect? You are incomplete, partial and will never be whole or have access to divine wisdom.

And at the end of the day? These ‘great minds’ all suffered old age, illness, death. In Morrissey’s song ‘At The Cemetery Gates’ he bewailed how all these people, all these lives were finite and overcome by death.

Well I have cuddled up to death for many many years. I have searched out his secrets, he was my lover and friend in the absence of another human.

The longed-for much trumpeted and anticipated miracle finally occurred. I overcame death and his whole army of naysayers. Killed them with kindness, if you like.

I am the Source of the River of Life as it springs fresh, cold and clean out of a barren place high up in the Himalaya.

This is true intelligence. We all have access to it, not a chosen few who the world chooses to celebrate.

True intelligence is essentially KNOWING (not believing) that we are all One. I hurt you? I’m hurting me. So I strive everyday to harm as little as I can. I prayed for this body to be a vessel for divine truth when I was young in years. I followed up by keeping it as pure as I could. I died so many times and was resurrected.

And there aren’t enough words in the whole world to do justice to the entirety of what I am. Which I guess is why we have bodies that move around in the world. Because we are so much more than words, intellect, science, reason. We are Light.


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